Reviewing Onboarding Tasks
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Reviewing Onboarding Tasks

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You can review all the onboarding tasks for a specific hire. Filters help you to limit the tasks you want to view.

There are job-related filters (Job Application and Task Status) for Onboarding Tasks in a new hire's profile page, and corresponding columns display on the Onboarding Tasks page.

Note: When the Task Owner is a Recruiter, a Tax Credit Check Confirmation task displays.

  1. Access a hire profile page, and select the Onboarding Tasks menu link.

  2. On the Onboarding Tasks page, review all the onboarding tasks for the hire. The tasks that display can vary.

  3. To change the filters, select the Change Filters link, select the filters you want, and select the Apply Filters button.

    Table 20. Onboading Tasks Fields



    Task Title

    Task title (a link to the task).

    Task Owner

    Task owner. A task owner can be an individual person or a user type. When the task is assigned to a user type, then all individuals in the system who are assigned that same user type can access and complete the task.

    Due Date

    Date the task is due.


    Task status: All, Completed, Overdue, In Progress, Not Started, or Pending.

    Job Application

    Job application.

    Job Application Status

    Status of job application: All, Active, Inactive.

    Requisition Number

    Requisition number.

    Table 21. Filter Fields



    Change Filters Link

    Displays filter check boxes, allowing you to select how you want tasks to display.

    Job Application

    Allows selection from a drop-down:

    • All. Displays a list of all job applications associated with new hires.

    • Active. Displays a list of all active job applications associated with new hires.

    • Inactive. Displays a list of all inactive job applications associated with new hires.

    Task Status

    Task status, from drop-down:

    • All (displays all)

    • Completed

    • Overdue

    • In Progress

    • Not Started

    • Pending

    Show Tasks Due Drop-Down

    Filter that allows you to view tasks due in specific timeframes: At any Time, Today, Up To One Week Ago, Up To Two Weeks Ago, Up to 30 Days Ago, Up to 60 Days Ago, Up to 90 Days Ago, Up to 6 Months Ago, Next Week, Next Two Weeks, Next Month, Next Three Months.

    Apply Filters Button

    Applies the filters.