Searching Lead Manager Best Practices
  • 08 Mar 2024
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Searching Lead Manager Best Practices

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Product: Lead Manager and Acoustic Campaign.

Searching Lead Manager

Infinite recommends the following best practices when it comes to searching Lead Manager in your organization.

Boolean Searches

  • Boolean searching is available with Lead Manager. Boolean Searching consists of using the terms AND, OR, or NOT to filter search results within the tool.

  • AND narrows your search results as it combines the search terms entered. For example, searching HR and Manager returns only the results with both HR and Manager in them. If a lead was an HR recruiter but does not have the term Manager in their resume or profile, they do not appear in the results.

  • OR expands your search results as it searches for all terms independently. For example, searching HR or Manager returns all results with either HR or Manager within them. If a lead was a software manager, then they would appear in the results. Similarly, if a lead was an HR generalist they would also appear.

  • NOT narrows your search results by eliminating results with certain terms. For example, searching HR not Manager, returns all results with HR in them, but removes any results that have Manager in them. If a lead was an HR Generalist, who became an HR Manager they would not appear in the search results. It is recommended to only use NOT when you are sure of the term that you are excluding as you might exclude resumes or CVs you do not intend to exclude. For example, excluding the word manager excludes a lead who has the statement I aspire to be a manager in a statement on their resume.

Customize the Search Screen and Filters

  • Lead Manager users can customize the filters that appear on the search results screen. Filters can also be added for any custom lead fields configured. Based on the role of the Lead Manager user, the fields they need to search for leads differ. Customizing this search screen allows for more efficient use of Lead Manager.

  • Because the filters are dynamic, if a user adds a filter to the search results, the number of candidates gets pared down as you add more filters in real time.

Saving Searches

  • If your users perform regular searches of the same search teams within Lead Manager, it is recommended that the users save their searches.

  • Saving a search includes the filters that were applied to the saved search allowing users to find their pool of candidates faster, without having to re-create searches repeatedly

  • Saved Searches can also be configured to Auto-file candidates to a Campaign. For example:

    • A search might be saved for the terms Retail Associate, set to end in one month, and Autofile to a Retail Associate Campaign. At the end of the month, the user can access the Retail Associate Campaign and see the leads who were added to Lead Manager with Retail Associate in their profile.

    • A search might be saved for seasonal hiring. The search auto-files leads to campaigns while preparing for seasonal hiring or while a sourcer is recruiting for a specific type of position. This captures any leads who enter Lead Manager regardless of who added them, expanding the pool of potential candidates.

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