Set and Edit My Req Defaults
  • 04 Mar 2024
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Set and Edit My Req Defaults

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Product: BrassRing

Set and Edit My Req Defaults

Updated Release 18.07.23.

  • Users must have the Client Setting [Hide "Add my req" menu] set to No. Contact your Infinite representative to edit this option.

  • Default req data can be configured as a template for yourself, saving time if you often create similar types of reqs.

  • Creating a req by using your req defaults results in your defaults overriding the fields that would normally be populated by [Job Code Default Data].


Set and Edit My Req Defaults

  1. Select Menu → Reqs → Add my req → Set my req defaults.


  2. If needed, select a Language to set the Req defaults on.

  3. Select Actions → Add new defaults.

  4. Select a Req Form by using the pull-down menu.

  5. Select Continue.

  6. Enter the default details of the req, and select Save and Continue.

  7. Select OK.

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