Specifying Task Settings
  • 28 Feb 2024
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Specifying Task Settings

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You use the Tasks screen to specify whether the system should remember the most recent Show statement criteria for tasks and to specify settings for system notifications and reminders related to pending tasks.

Screen Item


Show Tasks Info on Login Screen

Specifies that information about pending tasks automatically display on the Login screen. Note: This option appears on the Tasks screen by default for users assigned the Hiring Manager user type. To make this option appear for another user type, you must select the Information About Pending Tasks permission for the user type in the Manage Users: User Type screen.

New Task Notification

Specifies how the user is notified about new tasks:

  • Individual Task E-mail: The user receives an email notice for each new task that includes a link to the task.

  • Daily Digest: The user receives a single email for all new tasks received that day that includes a link for each task.

  • No Notification: The user does not receive any email notifications related to tasks. This option overrides the reminder email setting in workflow activities.

Remember Last Show Statement Criteria

Specifies the system retains the most recent show statement criteria between application sessions.

Reminder: Contact Hotlist Applicant

Generates a reminder task to contact a hotlisted applicant the user has submitted to a job. The reminder is generated after the specified number of days if the hotlisted applicant has not responded to the job invitation email sent when the applicant was submitted to the job.

Refresh Task List After Task Completion

Specifies the system automatically refreshes the user’s task list each time a task is completed. If this check box is not selected, the Refresh Task List button appears in the user’s task list, enabling the user to manually refresh the task list as needed.

  1. Display the Manage Users: User Details screen.

  2. Use the Show statement to find the appropriate user.

  3. In the list pane, select the name of the user whose settings you want to access.

  4. Select the Personal Settings link to display the Personal Settings tab.

  5. In the Personal Settings list pane, select Tasks to display the Tasks screen.

  6. Specify or modify information as needed.

  7. Select the Save Settings icon Save Settings icon.