System Configuration - Part One
  • 27 Feb 2024
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System Configuration - Part One

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Article Summary

System configurations affect how users are able to interact with core system functionality. They affect or define fundamental aspects of Talent Suite applications.

System configurations control:

  • How to make features available to users in an organization.

  • How to display information.

  • How to define the building blocks of key functionality (for example, activities, dictionaries, and templates).

  • How to define feature-specific settings.

  • How to integrate the system with external applications.

Because system configurations address such a wide variety of functionality, the System Configuration tab contains many screens. In this guide, the screens are presented in two parts.

The topics in Part One cover the following system configurations:

  • TS Filter and Display Fields

  • Task Groups

  • Correspondence

  • Toolbar Settings

  • Conditions

  • Locales

  • Labels and Custom Fields

  • Activity Fields