Talent Suite New User Interface
  • 26 Feb 2024
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Talent Suite New User Interface

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Article summary

Why New Talent Suite?

To provide greater security, to deliver new features faster, and to make our user interface more intuitive, we have upgraded our systems. We also have a brand new set of URLs to access the New Talent Suite and Onboard systems.

What are the advantages?

  • Faster delivery of enhancements across the suite, with minimal system downtime.

  • Functional delivery outside of the release/maintenance window without any downtime.

  • Easy configurability of branding settings.

  • Ability to support multiple Identity Providers for SSO.

  • Greater stability of the user interface.

  • Better support for quick security and infrastructure fixes.

What is changing?

A new set of URLs for the staging and production.

A new user interface in Talent Suite Admin screens.

A new user interface in Onboard screens

SSO Configuration process.

What's Next