User Types: Prevented Task View/Edit/Completion
  • 27 Feb 2024
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User Types: Prevented Task View/Edit/Completion

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Article Summary


User types can be prevented/restricted from completing tasks they can see but are not responsible for. This ensures compliance and mitigates confusion.

This enhancement must be configured (per task, per workflow).

Restrict Accessing Tasks for Prevented User Types

  • Restrict accessing tasks for prevented user types.

  • For user types that are configured to prevent the completion of a task, those users tasks are read-only (not clickable).

For the user belonging to Prevented User Type, the link to view the task is removed.

Onboard Manager, Onboarding Tasks:


For other user types, responsible user link is available to view and complete the task:


[Known Defect 242676 - Prevented user type user is able to complete Tasks through Bulk Actions if he has unrestricted capability].