• 27 Feb 2024
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The Users tab enables you to specify information about users, user groups, and user types. These three elements together define what each user can access and affect in the system.

In basic terms, user group settings affect field level permissions and are tied to organization levels. User type settings affect system-wide capabilities, regardless of organization level.

The following table explains the relationship between users, user groups, and user types:

Table 33. Users


User Group

User Type



A named group of users associated with a specific organization level.

A user profile characterized by a set of role-based permissions. User types are also referred to as personas.

An end user assigned to a user group and a user type.


Specifies field level permissions for every member of the group.

Specifies capabilities that determine what can be viewed, accessed and modified in the system.

The assigned user group and user type dictate what functionality the user can access and modify and what permissions the user has at the individual field level.