Using a Provisioning Checklist
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Using a Provisioning Checklist

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Provisioning means "providing"; making something available. For onboarding, it refers to providing everything needed to assist a hire during onboarding. A provisioning checklist helps to ensure nothing is missed.

  1. Review the work location. If it is incorrect, contact HR.

  2. Enter the cost center code in the Cost Center field.

  3. Enter the name of the person who will mentor the hire in the Assign New Hire Mentor field.

  4. For the provisioning checklist, select each check box to indicate you completed the task.

  5. Select the Submit & Complete Task button. The system creates a form containing a checklist.

    Table 15. Provisioning Fields



    Provisioning Data


    Work Location

    Work address. If incorrect, contact HR.

    Cost Center

    Cost center code.

    Assign New Hire Mentor (Full Name)

    Mentor (buddy) assigned to hire.

    Provisioning Checklist


    Place Welcome Phone Call to New Hire Check Box

    "Welcome" phone call to new hire.

    Review Initial Schedule and Orientation Check Box

    Review of initial schedule.

    Review Time Policy & Procedures Check Box

    Review time off policy/procedures.

    Review Travel Policy & Procedures Check Box

    Review travel policy/procedures.

    Create and Distribute Company Announcement Check Box

    Creation of company announcement for new hire.

    Review Holiday Schedule Check Box

    Review holiday schedules.

    Review Conference System Instructions Check Box

    Review conference system instructions.

    Review Training Schedule Check Box

    Review training schedule.

    Completed Button

    Submits and completes the task.

    Save and Finish Later

    Allows you to save your information and finish the task later.