Utilizing Third-Party Approver: I-9 Section 2
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Utilizing Third-Party Approver: I-9 Section 2

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Article Summary


Utilizing a Third-Party Approver allows people other than the new hire or onboard manager to approve I-9 Section 2.


A new hire does not enter third-party approver details for I-9 Section 2. Note: Previously, there were fields in the interface that allowed new hires to enter third-party details. These fields were removed from the interface.


Onboarding managers are assigned an Assign I-9 Approver task where they can select the approver type (internal/external) for the I-9, and also add external approvers. Note: For third-party approval, Infinite Talent employees were removed from the External list and were properly listed in the Internal list.

  • Internal Approvers. This is a prepopulated list of internal third-party approvers. Note: Administrators must use the user import feature in the Admin application to do a one-time sync to give all their necessary Talent Suite users access to Onboard and assign them to the THIRD-PARTY-USERGROUP user group.

  • External Approvers. This is a prepopulated list of external third-party approvers. They are not employees, but need to approve I-9 Section 2 (for example, external legal counsel). Note: All existing third-party approvers who were previously created from I-9 Section 1 are shown as External Approvers. If clients want to move any of the approvers from External to Internal, they must create a maintenance ticket that contains the list of users who will be assigned as internal approvers.

  • Add External Approvers. This allows users to add external approvers on the fly. Users cannot use this option to add existing employees who do not have access to Onboard.


Select an Approver Type: Internal Approvers:


Select an Approver Type: External Approvers: Note: When an onboarding manager selects an External Approver, that person receives an email with a link to access and complete Form I-9. The approver can copy the URL into their browser and complete the form. If approvers have not used Onboard, they receive a separate email with login credentials.


Add External Approver:


Reopen Assign I-9 Approver: