View and Lock Events
  • 29 Feb 2024
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View and Lock Events

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Product: Event Manager


View Scheduled Events

  1. In the Scheduled Events list, select an event, and select Actions → View.

    The actions menu

  2. The Event Scheduler page displays with the room view as the default view.

    The room view

    Use the radio buttons to view rooms, candidates, or assessors.

    Changing the room view

  3. The View screen can be accessed by selecting the hyperlinked event name in Scheduled Events.

Exporting or Printing

  1. On the View Screen, select Print.

  2. The table displays. Select Export to PDF or Export to Excel to export the table to the format selected.

Locking Events

On the Scheduled Events screen, you can use the event Lock and Unlock features.

Locking an event means candidates can’t register, reschedule, or cancel from the registration page. Registration locking can be automatic if configured for the event. Unlocking an event allows candidates to temporarily or permanently register, reschedule, or cancel from the registration page. Unlocking an event is useful in situations when candidates cancel or reschedule and you want to allow more candidates to fill these empty slots. When events are locked, event team members can still make changes.

  1. To lock events, select Events → Scheduled Events.

  2. Select the Event to be locked, and select Actions → Lock.

  1. To unlock events, select Events → Sceduled Events.

  2. Select the locked Event, and select Actions → Unlock.