View Candidate Page
  • 29 Feb 2024
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View Candidate Page

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Product: Event Manager


View Candidate Page as an Event Manager user

Depending on configuration, the View Candidate page can display multiple tabs, including Resume, History, Form Data, Schedule, and Scoring.

  1. To view a candidate page, select the candidate's hyperlinked name in any of the Candidate pages.

  2. Select the plus symbol on each tab to view more detailed information regarding the candidate's event participation.

View Candidate Pages as an Assessor

  1. To view a candidate page, select Event → Assessor Scheduling → My Schedule.

  2. Select an Event.

  3. Select the people button.

  4. Select whether to view Assigned Candidates Only, or All Event Candidates.

  5. Select the candidate pages to view.

  6. Select Display.

  7. The Candidate page opens.