View Open Requisitions
  • 06 Mar 2024
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View Open Requisitions

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Article Summary

  1. Access open requisitions from:

    • The My Open Reqs or the All Open Reqs tabs on the home page.

    • By selecting Menu → View all reqs → Open.

    • By selecting Menu → View my reqs → Open.

  2. From either the My Open Reqs or All Open Reqs tab on the BrassRing home page, select Actions and:

    1. Add Req to initiate a new req.

    2. eLink Blank Reqto elink a blank req to an internal user for completion.

    3. Export Excel to export a list or reqs.

  3. Hover over the Req ID to display a summary of the req details

  4. Select the Req ID to access details of the req.

  5. The Req details page displays the following buttons:


    1. Edit – edit req to make changes.

    2. Hold – place req on-hold temporarily.

    3. Cancel – cancel req.

    4. More – take other actions on req based on user privilege. Example: Close, Delete, Save as New, eLink, etc.

  6. The Req details page displays the following tabs:


    1. Details – provides details of the req.

    2. History – includes all actions that are taken on the req in the past.

    3. Attachments – shows req specific attachments and allows user to add more.

    4. Forms – displays req sub-forms and allows user to add req sub-forms.