Welcome to Onboard
  • 26 Feb 2024
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Welcome to Onboard

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Article Summary


As an applicant, you entered information into an online application as part of the recruitment process. The end result was a hire profile that contained information about you and your work/education experience.

Now that you are a new hire, there are tasks you need to complete as part of the Welcome Aboard (onboarding) process. Onboard allows you to complete these tasks, which fall into basic categories.

Some of the tasks that follow are US-only. Other tasks may not apply to you because the content of the pages varies depending on how your employer sets up the application. For these reasons, this document may contain topics that may not apply to you.


  • Ensuring your hire profile information is complete.

  • Reviewing personal information, such as home address and phone number.

  • Providing emergency contact information.

  • Providing EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) information: race, ethnicity, gender.

  • Providing citizenship status.

  • Providing veteran/military status.


  • Providing an electronic signature (eSignature) that you will use to sign some forms.

  • Filling out and signing forms: W-4, I-9.

  • Acknowledging employer's use of E-Verify.

  • Filling out and signing state forms.

  • Viewing signed forms/documents and related tasks.

  • Managing onboard-related documents/forms: uploading/viewing/deleting documents.

  • Reviewing agreements and policies

  • Performing miscellaneous tasks, such as providing bank information for direct deposit and completing a tax credit survey.


Depending on how your employer sets up the application, it can also provide useful information, such as:

  • First-day-at-work information

  • Manager/mentor message

  • Resources available to you (maps, downloads, helpful links, videos, FAQs, etc)

  • Team members and social interaction

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