Workflow Overview - W-4 and State Tax Withholding Forms
  • 27 Feb 2024
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Workflow Overview - W-4 and State Tax Withholding Forms

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Onboard and Onboard Manager work together for the withholding of income taxes.

New hires can download an editable/interim version of the state PDF form, edit it, then upload the updated form back into the application. This way, new hires can electronically complete any worksheets/calculations that exist within the form.

  • The system captures the following information from the new hire: First Name, Last Name, Employee or Beneficiary Number.

  • This secures the basic information, and locks the fields before new hires are allowed to update the editable/interim version of the PDF form.

Basic Form W-4 and State Tax Workflow:

  1. New hires (using Onboard) complete/sign/submit federal Form W-4. This task appears as Onboarding US W4 on the My Tasks page. At the end of the Onboarding US W4 task, there is a completed/signed/submitted federal Form W-4 PDF. Note: This W-4 task must be completed before any state/local tax forms display on the My Tasks page.

  2. New hires (using Onboard) complete/sign/submit state/local tax withholding forms. At the end of each state/local tax task, there is a completed/signed/submitted PDF. Note: Not every state uses a state tax withholding form; some states use Form W-4 as their state withholding form; and some states use their own version of Form W-4 (and can have multiple forms). When there are multiple state/local tax forms, the new hire can:

    • Complete them in any order.

    • Complete only the ones that are relevant to the hire, and skip the others (by using an Opt-Out button). For example, there could be a disability or military form that does not apply to the hire. With the Opt-Out button, the task status is marked as Opted Out, and cannot be reopened.

  3. Onboarding managers (using Onboard Manager) review the new hire's completed/signed/submitted Form W-4 PDF and state/local tax form PDFs.

    • This is not a task on the My Tasks page. Instead, the onboarding manager goes to the hire profile page and from the Documents menu opens/views the PDFs.

    • If there is a discrepancy that needs correction, the onboarding manager can initiate an email to the new hire that allows the hire to use Onboard to redo a task.